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Isabel Pantoja confesses what her mother means to her



Isabel Pantoja in a file image.

The third ‘Idol kids’ show has gone a long way. One more week, the little ones offered a riot of talent for music. In addition, children are also getting the best out of Isabel Pantoja and making the tonadillera, normally reluctant to talk about her life with such sincerity, confess and speak openly about topics such as the death of Paquirri, what her mother means to her or the love she has for her grandchildren.

On this occasion, Isabel Pantoja got excited talking about her mother, Dona Ana, 89 years old. When the talent was recorded a year ago, the matriarch of the Pantoja clan was going through a very delicate moment of health. Thus, when one of the contestants, eight-year-old Sofia, moved the audience by telling how music helped her to overcome the bullying they had suffered at school and singing a song she had written for her mother – ‘El amor de una madre’ – the artist could not hold back her tears.

Pantoja, very emotional and unable to contain her tears, was sincere confessing how important Doña Ana is to her: “You have touched me the greatest thing that I have in my life and may God leave it to me as long as he can. I have never been able, even at my age, to compose the song that you have composed with 8 years. Your mother must be proud of having such a beautiful girl who loves her mother so much. “” My mother saw my qualities when I was two years old. There is nothing more important, while you don’t have children, than a mother, “assured Isabel Pantoja with tears in her eyes.

Also, the widow of Paquirri He remembered Rocío Jurado with some precious words. Despite the fact that there has always been speculation about a supposed rivalry between both, Pantoja, who does not usually talk about the chipionera, was moved when one of the contestants performed ‘Como una ola’: “You have moved me singing that song ofMost an artist will die because her legacy will remain “.

Finally, Isabel Pantoja spoke about how met Michael Jackson, “which was my idol and still is,” he said. Spontaneous, the tonadillera revealed that she was spending a vacation at the house of her close friend Juan Gabriel in Santa Monica (United States), when she saw him briefly. The King of Pop was a neighbor of the Mexican and, on one occasion, he escaped from the press at his house and the Sevillian was able to see him up close. Impressed, Pantoja recalled that “I saw him at worst. He was a very thin man”.

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