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Mythical bag ambassadors: from Jennifer Lopez to Jane Birkin

Jennifer Lopez in a file image.

The world of fashion is not unknown to singers and actresses. Sometimes they develop their role as a designer as Jennifer Lopez, who has ventured into the design of a handbag, and others become ambassadors, is the case of the actress Madison bailey, which follows in the wake of other celebrities.

It has long been common for actresses and singers to create their own fashion and beauty labels, from Rihanna to Gywneth Paltrow, past sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, a long list that Jennifer Lopez have joined with the design of a bag.

“My first design collaboration with Coach, excited about it, “the singer wrote on her Instagram profile with more than 132 million followers.

This New Yorker of Puerto Rican origin has just launched a special edition of the bag Hutton, a leather model in purple and pink tones, with a golden chain to hang on the shoulder.

The Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie, have also made their little pits as bag designers with a capsule collection that includesn fanny packs, backpacks, micro-bags and maxi-bags in a wide palette of bright colors for the Deichmann firm.

Kendall, one of the highest paid models in the world, and Kylie, who sweeps her own cosmetics brand, also dare to periodically design clothing and accessories collections.

Designer muses

Actress Madison Bailey, 23, a star of the entertainment industry, for her work on the Netflix series “Outer Banks”, has become an ambassador for a Fendi flower bag. “I am so happy to announce myself as an ambassador for a Fendi flower bag,” she announced on her Instagram profile.

Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, she was one of the first women to become the muse of a Hermès signature bag, the mythical ‘Kelly’. Later, Gucci, paid tribute to the style of Jackie Kennedy with The Jackie Bag like Christian Dior who christened one of his creations “Lady Dior”.

One of the most legendary bags of the Hermès house was created thanks to the actress and singer Jane Birkin. Practical and functional, perfect for every day and especially for traveling, the story of this union between singer and model had its origin in a trip in which the British actress and the president of Hermès, Jean Louis Dumas, agreed.

She told him that she had not yet found the perfect bag to travel, the models that existed did not suit her needs, the designer invited Birkin to design a comfortable and elegant model. Thus was born the famous Birkin Hermés model, a model that still generates interest and that to get there is a waiting list of two years.

The personality of Diane Kruger conquered designer Jason Wu who gave the name “Diane bag” to one of her designs. Sophia Coppola is attached to the “Louis Vuitton SC Bag” as is Lana del Rey Lana to the “Mulberry Del Rey Bag” and Cara Delevigne to the backpack with her name.

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