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Paloma Cuevas is silent about her separation from Enrique Ponce



Paloma Cuevas, in a recent archive image.

Once the school year has started, Paloma Cuevas has resumed her routine in the capital after six months away from media pressure at the “La Cetrina” farm in Jaén.

Fully committed to caring for his daughters Paloma and Bianca -the most important thing for her after her surprising separation from Enrique Ponce– The businesswoman has been seen returning home after taking the girls to school.

Paloma Cuevas is avoiding as much as possible to be seen and barely leaves his home in the Madrid neighborhood of Moncloa, but he tries to get his daughters to continue their day to day as normally as possible. For this reason, she does not hesitate to accompany the girls to their school every morning.

Very serious, with sunglasses and the mask that is regulated by the Covid, the socialite has arrived at her house with her head down. She was wearing a flowing white long-sleeved dress with blue prints. Enrique Ponce’s ex-wife prefers to keep her silence.

Cuevas avoids talking about how his relationship with Ponce is at the moment nor does he comment on what he thinks about the media exposure that the bullfighter is doing with his young love, Ana Soria, 27 years younger than him.

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