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Robber Rodríguez: “My first fashion memory is shopping with my mother”

Lively, thoughtful and honest, that’s right Robber Rodríguez, a talented “seamstress” who has won the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent award on his first date with the Madrid catwalk. “Come, vidi, vici” -he arrived, saw and conquered- with designs that move, that come out as an explosion of his soul.

“I have celebrated the award as if I had won the ‘Champion'”, he explained Rodríguez this Monday to Efe, who assures that this award is “a dagger of sensations and all of them precious, as the singer Sen Senra says.”

Born in Valdemoro (Madrid), Robber Rodríguez, at 29 years old, has surprised and captivated by critics in an unusual Madrid fashion week from which he has emerged victorious. “This recognition is an honor for my people, I have seen the happiness in their eyes.”

Getting here has not been easy. “It is a collection that is laughed at, cried, danced and discussed“, says this economics graduate who has developed this job in just two months after confinement.

He has grown away from fashion. He has never read magazines, nor has he been interested in designers, her first fashion memory dates back to an afternoon shopping with her mother at Zara, “I was 11 years old and chubby, and the things that I liked were when I grew up, it didn’t fit at all well, a frustration”.

Before being a designer and economist, this young man has been a “crazy” skateboard, a passion that led him to look for comfortable, colorful and bright clothes with which to do pirouettes.

There were no clothes that he or his friends liked, so they rummaged through the women’s section for skinny pants and flashy T-shirts. “In Valdemoro, the ‘bad guys’ from the park called me’ el chico cortiples‘”adds Rodríguez, who in 2012 began looking for suppliers to make” cool “t-shirts and sweatshirts.

A project “that was not fashion, but clothes for street kids,” argues Rodríguez, who “wanted” to take a sewing course to set up a ‘street wear’ brand, and “searching and searching, I came to the European Institute of Design (IED) “.

A “nice course” that I couldn’t afford, “my mother, a housewife and my father, a subway mechanic, so I entered a contest to get a scholarship. And, eureka,”studying my last economics exam they called me to tell me that I had the scholarship“.

Thus began his career in fashion, a path with lights and shadows until the singer and comic star Pepa Charro, alias La Terremoto de Alcorcón, came into his life and told him “what the hell does all this art do in this attic of Valdemoro, Those shoes have to be sold throughout Spain. ”

That night he did not sleep. “I got up, grabbed a garbage bag full of tissues and poked one of them on the mannequin“This is how the first dress of a collection came out that did not have sustainability or upcycling as its objective.

“I had no money at all,” explains Rodríguez, which has used the tablecloths from her mother’s trousseau, as well as remains of tissue that she has been joining with great care and talent to build pieces with great personality, with which she wants to “thrill”.

Now he faces his future with enthusiasm, he needs financing and that people trust him, “I’m going to look for life to the fullest to make my project come true”, a fashion house like the one from before, like Balenciaga.

He feels like a “seamstress”, not a designer, “I want to work with the client hand in hand, I intend to make unique pieces, with essence, with energy” and combine it with affordable garments, “as I come from a town I need a product more destined for the street so people can enjoy a ‘Robber’. ”

This sewing box, which makes “honest” clothes, feels close to Alexander McQueen, “I want to make clothes that excite”, also from Jonathan Anderson, a designer that “I love”, everything he does is “brutal”.

And now, after his triumphal entry into fashion, he says: “I am open to everything, to being surprised by life.”

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